The Locktown Stone Church provides a wonderful setting for a country wedding, with its spare architecture, its beautiful stone walls, surrounded by tall trees, standing next to a country road. The front courtyard is bordered by a low stone wall, making a perfect space for gathering before or after your event.

The interior is painted white, creating a quiet, peaceful elegance. Light from the north window creates a special atmosphere and along with the interior lighting, allow floral arrangements to stand out beautifully. Thanks to the excellent acoustics provided by the vaulted ceiling, it is possible to have one or two musicians perform wedding music on instruments as quiet as unamplified guitars. The church comfortably seats 100 guests, but can easily accommodate 125. Electricity, sanitary facilities and parking are available.

If you are interested in using the church for your wedding, we would be happy to show it to you. To arrange to view of the inside of the church, or to obtain information about reserving the church, please email Luise Wingerter at

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